Sunday, February 02, 2014

How Busy are you?

Its a question people often ask. The answer is."Well we could always be a lot busier." The reality is that we are nowhere near as busy as you would think, in fact it seems like many people are too scared to come out with us given all the Outlaw Bikie crime which is being reported in the media of late.

The truth is that all of the riders we use don't know any of these so call Outlaw Bikies and we only know as much as is reported in the press. To even be allowed to operate as a Harley Ride Tour operator requires that we be given approval, and the appropriate accredited registration for our bikes by the Victorian Taxi Commissioner. That means that each bike is issue with a special number plate (just like a Taxi) which means that that bike and its owner are allowed to transport a paying passenger.

Its imperative that when booking a Harley Ride that you ensure they they only employ riders with bikes which carry what we call the S Plate (each plate has an S on it followed by a three digit number - mine is S 393). This ensures that the rider has no criminal record and that their bike meets all the strict requirements aimed at your safety.

Its Valentine's Day soon and as at 2nd Feb 2014, we don't have any bookings in the diary yet. In the past this has been a massive day for us and before the GFC we were exceptionally busy. But, it seems that those days are long gone.

But, at the end of the day, as I always say, "If I was in this for the money, then I wouldn't be doing it." Read the reviews we get on Trip Advisor. It seems that all of the people who came out for a Harley Ride with us thoroughly enjoy the experience. 99% have never been on the back of a motorcycle before, few are Harley Davidson enthusiasts, and for the majority its a new experience.

So if you want to really see and experience Melbourne, then why not try a Harley Ride? Or help us to get a lot busier sharing this amazing experience that we believe should be on everyone's Bucket List.

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