Thursday, May 31, 2007

It Takes Two

For the second time in just over a month, we received another request from the Seven Network to supply a H-D for their latest TV series It Takes Two.

On this occassion the bike was required for Jo Stanley and Anthony Callea .

Needless to say, John's Harley was a great hit with all the crew who remembered him from last time when he took his bike in for Dancing With The Stars.

All told the bike was required for two days. It had to be positioned on stage using a forklift.

It Takes Two is very different to Dancing With The Stars. The celebrities, all of whom were not confident singers, displayed lot's of stress. What the viewer's saw of their reactions on screen was absolutely accurate - these guy's were (to some extent) "terrified". But, as the true professionals that they are the viewer's were given a great performance.

What's it really like to be involved in something like this. Well, to find out you will need to book a Harley Ride with John and he will tell you all about it......

Here is the clip. Enjoy.