Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Out with Caroline Wozniacki at the Australian Open

From time to time we get requests to take various sporting professionals out for a Harley Ride. Today the request came from the promotions staff at the Australian Open Tennis. Evidently one of the players, in the case 12th Seed Caroline Wozniacki, had shown an interest in going for a Harley Ride.

It was interesting to talk to Caroline. She expressed a desire to get her own motorcycle one day, and consequently I was able to give her some advice.

The purpose of the activity was to allow several film crews to photograph and video the entire event. The last time I did the same thing it involved Rafael Nadal. I did remind Caroline that every professional tennis player that I have ever taken out for a Harley Ride has end up being ranked Number One in the world!

Needless to say I will be keeping a close eye on Caroline's progress over the next few years. When I took Rafael Nadal out for a ride - he couldn't speak a word of english.

And you can view the video clip of the Harley Ride Here