Tuesday, December 17, 2013

The Best Way to See Melbourne

We frequently meet people who are visiting Melbourne, who choose to come out for a Harley Ride with us who after their ride realise that they made the right decision to come out for an hour or more with us. They come to the realisation that "its not about the motorcycle" - its about how much more they see, how much better it is compared to sitting in a tour bus, the freedom and un-restricted views.

Then the added bonus - the joy and thrill of the experience of being on a motorcycle. They suddenly realise that its nothing like they expected it to be. The suddenly realise that its very safe - yes very safe! Why? Because their rider is very experienced and takes motorcycle safety very seriously. Enough said.

Just watch these videos and you will get some idea of what we mean. Just last week we took a girl out for a ride, whose friend, visiting Melbourne with her, didn't come for a Harley Ride giving the excuse that "she didn't like motorcycles". Most of the people who we take out have never been near a motorcycle in their lives. Most hold those prejudices and its only when they spend an hour or more with us, that those prejudices quickly disappear. We tend to convert those people. Our biggest challenge is getting them to take the Harley Ride Experience in the first place. Our biggest enemy is the prevailing myths that surround the Motorcycle.

So, if you are reading this article, do us a big favour and spread the news. We would be a lot busier if only people understood that this is the Best Way to Experience Melbourne and all the areas in the near vicinity like the Dandenong Ranges, that Yarra Valley and the Great Ocean Road.