Monday, April 08, 2013

The Best Melbourne Tours

Most tourists visiting Melbourne never get out of the centre of town. The CBD is a huge rectangle - 1/2 a mile wide and 1 mile long. It was laid out by Governor Latrobe in the 1840's, and the magnificent old buildings which populate the city were built on the proceeds of the Gold Rush which started after gold was discovered in Ballarat around 1850. Before that, Melbourne was a small settlement that serviced the farming community. But, after gold was discovered - everything changed!

Melbourne has so much to offer. But the hardest thing for a visitor is discovering how to get there - that is to the best places I mean.

Melbourne start on foot by walking
Melbourne by Foot
Downtown city Melbourne is a network of lane ways. Finders Lane, Little Collins St and Little Bourke St have other smaller lane ways which join the major thoroughfares like Collins Street and the Bourke Street Mall. My recommendation would be to make contact with Fiona at Hidden Secrets Tours if you really want to discover the soul of Melbourne. Fiona takes you on foot around the inner heart of the city - where being on foot is best.

Flinders St and Flinders St Station
Melbournes lane ways are dotted with great paces to stop and enjoy coffee and great food
Laneway Cafe
Map of Australia etched into the steps at Federation Square
Federation Square

But there is only so much time that you can spend wandering around the centre of town. There are many ways to get out of the city, like on the Trams, trains or by bus. But, if you really want to go where most of these forms of transport don't go - in the shortest and most efficient manner - then that is where a Harley Ride comes in. But, before you dismiss this idea because that's not you - stop and consider what a Harley Ride's purpose really is. Its not just for motorcycle nuts or adrenaline junkies. Its for those who want the best mode of transport which will give the best return when it comes to how much more they will see - in a very short period of time - compared to the other ways of doing it.

Williamstown and Nelson Place is a great place to visit
Williamstown - Melbourne's Hidden Gem

Williamstown, which is located a short distance from the heart of Melbourne, over on the other side of the Yarra River, is one of my favourite destinations. But, if you don't have a lot of time, then its not somewhere that is easy to get to other than on a Harley Ride. Its one of the places that we show people during a 1 hour ride, and they often then choose to go back for a longer visit later. Nelson Place, pictured above, is the main restaurant precinct that most would see, but on a Harley Ride you get to see much more of this historic place as we take you around by Williamstown beach and down the magnificent streets in this precinct.

But wait - there's more. The F1 Grand Prix Circuit round Albert Park lake, St Kilda. If you have a few hours then take a 3 hr ride to the Dandenong Ranges or a 5 hour Ride to the Wineries in the Yarra Valley. Or if you have a day to spare - then come down the Great Ocean Road - its an experience you will never forget.

Are we always busy? Now we are not. Why, you ask? Because people just don't understand the Harley Ride Experinece and how it relates to their concept of the right thing to do. Most who come out with us, go away understanding why they needed to do it. It comes as a shock to many as they it begins to dawn on them that it just isn't what they expected it to be - it terms of comfort - its far better than they expected, safety - its far safer and they realise that they won't fall off - and finally weather isn't important - because we don't let them get cold.

But sadly many people reading this will still think to themselves, "This just isn't for me." For those people we feel immense sorrow, that we will never be able to share this experience with you : (