Tuesday, August 19, 2014

An Experience for Everyone - Time to Just Do It

Ask yourself a question - Would I ever ride a motorcycle? Or - Have I ever been interested in motorcycle? Or Are motorcycles safe? For the average person the answer to the first two questions is No, and to the third is Yes.

These are the people who are the mainstay of our Harley Rides clientele. 99% of all the people we take out for a Harley Ride as a passenger on the back of our Harley Davidson motorcycles fits the above description. The majority of the people we take out for a ride, are people who have had their ride booked by a friend or family member as a surprise for their birthday, anniversary or some other similar occasion.

Many people will quite happily organise a ride for someone else and not take the experience themselves. Why? Because they have quite a few pre-concieced ideas, which during a Harley Ride are quickly dispelled. You see, the truth is the is experience is far different from the expected and its very safe. Don't believe me? Then you are the person who should Just Do IT.