Friday, February 16, 2007

Interlude with Red Balloon Days

NB Since writing this article my company has ceased its association with Red Balloon Days. Red Balloon has, in my opinion lowered its standards in its desire to provide products at a "lowest price guarantee". Some of my competitors offer a similar product, but they do so with older motorcycles and maintain lower bike maintenance standards etc. When I started with Red Balloon Days, they chose my company based on high quality. I know that they haven't checked the company who they now use or assessed that company's standards or compared them to mine. Regretably, we have therefore ceased our association.

Last night I found myself spending an evening with several of my peers in the Melbourne Adventure experiences industry at a restuarant called
Interlude .

The evening was hosted by
Red Balloon Days for whom my company supplies but one of many Pleasure Experiences.

But, before I talk about Red Balloon, I feel that I must share my Interlude Dining experiene, because you see - Interlude is just a little bit different. It is what I would describe as a fantastic Taste Experience. We sat down for a five course meal, of which each dish was something to tantalize the pallette, but not so much as to be so filling that one couldn't get through it all. This restaurant must be experienced. Trust me it is Six Stars!!!

Back to
Red Balloon. To become a Red Balloon supplier one must be invited. That is what happened to me when they started in Australia 5 years ago. They put me through a quality assessment and judged that my Experience was good enough to be included in their listing of Pleasure Experiences.

And who were the others at Interlude last night? One runs a Tank Museum - where you can go and actually drive a Centurion Tank (we were able to share notes from my Army days when I actualy had a Tank Troop of Leopard Tanks way back in 1981), a Skydive Operator, a Balloon Company, a Sail and Spa from Sorrento, a Sailing School (big yachts) based at the Melbourne Docklands and an Adventure Event Specialist.

Last night I came to understand the term Pleasure Experience - as I shared notes with my peers. That is what we are all committed to doing - giving pleasure.

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Team Building Melbourne Harley Tour

When you are leding a team of people in the workplace, there comes a time when you want to reward them in the form of a Team Building activity. A Harley Ride is an excellent Team Building activity - one which we are called upon to provide.

Yesterday, we took one such goup on a
Dandenong Ranges Tour in two sidecars on a 3 hour ride up into the mountains just outside Melbourne.

Felicity, the team leader, had organized for us to meet them all in the city at 1.30pm and we cruised down the Monash Freeway and out through Ferntree Gully to out first stop at the Observatory on the top of Mt Dandenong. The funniest thing was seeing all the irls wave at everyone we rode past.

The day ended as we got back to the city at 4.40pm. Here is photo of the group taken at the Observatory on top of Mt Dandenong:

Here is a note I received from Felicity today:

Hi John,
I just wanted to say again how fabulous the afternoon was yesterday. Everyone absolutely loved it and they were able to really relax and enjoy themselves. I will definitely be recommending you to our other divisions.
Felicity Stanley
Executive Manager
Select Appointments - Notting Hill

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

The Group Ride

We frequently get requests to take out large groups on a Harley Ride. Last Saturday we took out a group of guys from Queensland, who were out for a Boys's Weekend for a two hour jaunt.

The ride was organized as a surprise by Peter who led the group. His request, "Take us for a ride and include a stop at a Pub." So that is exactly what we did - picked them up at their hotel, and cruised across the Westgate Bridge to Williamstown where the boys went in to one of the local bars and had a beer, before we cruised back to the City and dropped them at the Belgian Beer Cafe.

Here are some pics we received by email:

Here we are briefing everyone on what is planned for the trip.

It was a hot day - so jackets were optional.

Here we are on the Westgate Freeway.

And, at Williamstown.

Finally, home via the Burnley Tunnel - 4 km long and 200 feet below the Yarra River.

Here is a note received from Peter:

G'day John and all the Bikie boys,
Just wanted to say thanks again for the great afternoon out on Saturday, My boys could'nt stop grinning and talking about the great feeling of the bikes on the road. You turned the weather on perfectly and some great pictures were taken. I have copied Mark(who was one of the boys) in to hopefully send through some photos that you can use for your website if you wish. And I am sure all of the boys will promote your services as they had a ball, but also the friendliness of your guys and the quality of the bikes was exellent. Mick could'nt shut up about the Trumpy in fact. We will make sure he get's a Harley next time.
If I am in Melbourne again I will look you up and hopefully go for a ride.
All the best and thanks very much!
Peter Bourke
Financial Planner
ANZ Financial Planning
Business Banking Sunshine Coast