Saturday, September 15, 2007

You Tube Harley Ride Video Clips

In Australia a Harley Ride means taking someone, os a pillion passenger, for a joyride on a Harley Davidson motorcycle. In Australia, we don't refer to our machines as "our ride". We go for a ride with friends, and we take people for a ride on our bikes....

In Australia, we have a Harley Rides Industry - yes, people who have never been near a motorcycle in their lives, or have never thought of owning a bike, actually pay to be given a motorcycle experience. You would be amazed at who and what we have done with our H-Ds over the years.

A complete set of Harley Ride video clips, taken over the last few years are now on You Tube. Or you can view the best of them here (please rate them for me and let me know what you think):

Here is the first video clip I produced several years ago, on a Yarra Valley Wineries Tour:

This clip was one of the first ones I did with WIN TV about our Introduction to Melbourne Tour :

You can view all the other clips Here