Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Motorcycle Converts on Youtube

Most people have a negative attitude to motorcycles. Many think that as soon as you get on one that they will fall off, and that they need to cling on tight. Many are surprised to discover that their perceptions are 100% wrong after going for a Harley Ride as a pillion passenger. Yes, if you want to convert that someone you love to your way of thinking about motorcycles then give them an hour with us and we guarantee that we will change their minds, and that they will want you to get one - very soon!
The best way to do it is to organise a surprise Harley Ride, that way they won't have to think about it. If they have to think about it, then they will come up with 1000 excuses to get out of going. If its a surprise, then we don't give them time to think about it, and before they know it we rid them of their negative perceptions as we demonstrate why they can't fall off a moving motorbike, why there is nothing dangerous about an "inanimate piece of metal" and that staying out of the way of cars is easier on a motorcycle, that compared to driving a car (where the driver is actually almost blind to what is around them - i.e. they have many blind spots, on a motorcycle you have none).

Youtube Harley Rides on New Year's Eve

What do you do to make New Year's Eve just a little bit different? Organise a Harley Ride for your guests attending your themed party is one option chosen by one of our customers to celebrate the end of 2011 last year.

Or to waste a little time before the big night, on a visit to Melbourne two girls chose to take a ride to start their big day off, before partying the night away.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Down the Great Ocean Road on a Harley Davidson

What many people don't recognise is the fact that the Great Ocean Road needs to be experienced, and the best way to experience the Great ocean Road is by riding as a passenger on a Harley Davidson on a Harley Ride.

"But, I don't think I could take sitting on the back of a bike all day," I hear you say? Well, we don't actually ride continuously for hours at a time. we actually ride for an hour, stop relax, ride for another hour, stop relax have lunch etc. The experience comes from sitting on the back of the bike as a passenger and taking in all the views - which you wouldn't see from inside a tourist bus. Get it? You see everything, and we don't need to stop. Add the feeling you get from being on a Harley Davidson, the feel of the wind in your face, the looks of envy from other road users and you should soon understand why this is something that need's to be taken off one's Bucket List : )

Tanya's Harley Davidson Ride

As a reward for good work, Tanya was given a Harley Ride by her employer. The ride was for two people, so she took her partner out for the ride with us. This is but one of the many types of ride that we do. Staff rewards in the form of a Harley Ride are something that always goes down well.

On this occasion the ride started and finished in Williamstown. Lasting for an hour we went over the West gate Bridge to St Kilda and back.