Friday, March 02, 2007

After the Corporate Conference

Yet again, we were called upon to take a Corporate Group for a Harley Ride Experience yesterday (1st March 2007).

On this occassion it was as a surprise (yet again) for a Corporate group who were attending a sales conference at the Marylands Country House in Marysville, which is located about 90 km outside Melbourne up in the High Country at the foot of Lake Mountain.

The conference organizer had secretly organized special T-Shirts and Bandanas for everyone to wear on the ride. We were aked to provide 4 sidcars for the activity which involved taking two goups out for a 45 minute spin each down via Narbethong and Buxton.

As you can see from this group photo taken at the end of the activity, the Harleys once agin proved to be a big hit.

We left the group at the In Neutral Restaurant in Marysville at aroupd 7pm. As you can see from the smiles on their faces they were looking forward to having a "big relax" after a long hard couple of days work.