Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Here’s Why Lane Splitting Should Be Legal For Motorcycles

Know Someone Who Needs to Learn About This?

One of the most controversial subjects, in the world of Road Safety, is the subject often referred to as Lane Splitting.

Its something that if you haven't been at least a passenger on a motorcycle before, that you will not understand. Its something that we demonstrate to our customers when we take them out for a Harley Ride in Melbourne. If you know someone who you think needs to become better informed about this subject - then send them out for a ride with us, so we can demonstrate it to them for you.

Most people who drive a car don't understand what it feels like to ride a bike or what the road conditions look like from a motorcycle rider's point of view. They think its dangerous when we know its not and that it doesn't look or feel dangerous from where we sit, doing it on our bikes. The car driver mindset - starts from the view they get from their drivers seat. Things look entirely different from a riders seat on a bike - for many reasons - that are only understood if one has had the experience. I should know, because I have seen the light come on inside the heads of the 1000's of Harley Ride passengers I have had on the back of my bike over the years. Its only when I explain and demonstrate reality to them that they realise that most of what they thought they knew - is WRONG.

If you want to understand what we are talking about, here is a great video where a group of very experienced riders talk about this controversial subject:

The real reason why motorcycles do it? They are many and varied. When you come out for a Harley Ride with us you will quickly come to understand why motorcycle riders do it.

Its a topic which often comes up between us and our passengers, and when people have it demonstrated and explained to them, they always go away with a different point of view, one that is often counter to that which they held before the ride.

Happy Girl on a Harley Davidson Motorbike

Happy girl on a motorbike

Happy girl on a motorbike

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