Saturday, September 11, 2010

Take a Youtube Virtual Tour on a Harley Davidson

Here is a Youtube video clip that explains the Harley Ride Experience:

A Harley Ride is an experience, which once taken is never forgotten. In this You tube video we explain what its all about and why this experience is suitable for anyone who has never been near a motorcycle in their life. Its for people who have never thought of a motorcycle as being something that's for them.

This is the perfect activity for any tourist visiting Melbourne. In fact we strongly reccomend that it be the first thing they do as soon as they arrive. Why? Because its the perfect way to see a lot in a very short period of time. It is an intimate experience, where we can show you where to go next and advise on things to do. Sure, its different - but it won't be anything like you expect it to be like.....


pamsproducts4u said...

Hello John:
My name is Pam Prizant from California USA and my business partner, Oso and I just made up our Harley Ride business called OSO Fun Harley Rides 4 U! We wanted to look up our competition and found only you far, far, away in the land Down-Under!! I love your country my mother has traveled there and has many friends there as well! We love your virtual tour idea, and I will be posting our business on my virtual on-line mall and creating our website with that name. Thank you for your inspiration and we welcome any advice and or business of anyone you may know coming to LA, and we will suggest for Australia travelers, so in turn may we partner with you? We wish you continued success in your business and Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. Call us! Pamela Prizant @ (818) 268-5165 Face Book - Pamela Prizant

John said...

Hi Pam,

Try contacting H-D, like I did. They will show very little interest. Let me know if their position has changed. Every few years I get a let from their trademark attorneys : ( (just ignore them). Just remember that your target audience is not people who already have a licence or who already share the motorcycle passion. Good luck keep me posted.