Thursday, January 31, 2008

What Women Want

Being a Harley Rides operator has helped me to understand human nature, and in particular it has given me an insight into the "female mind".

The reality struck me during a telephone conversation with a female customer, who wanted to organise a Harley Ride as a Valentine's Day gift for her boyfriend. She was interested in  what she described as a "chopper style" Harley Davidson. She wanted something with a "look". It was at this point that I began to realise the difference between men and women.

Women want to be seen. They are fashion oriented. As one girl said to me a few years ago, "I really am not interested in being the rider, but I do enjoy sitting on the back of a Harley at a 'fashion accessory'."

From the conversation which I have had with the thousands of women (of all ages) over the last ten years I have learned the following:

  • They love the feel of being on the back of the bike doing something that that their parents would never approve of.
  • They love to talk - and I have had some amazing discussions (all in confidence and which I would never repeat - and always on the understanding that I had no interest in taking anything beyond the end of the ride...).
  • Being seen is paramount. The attention and looks people give them is important in their enjoyment of the Harley Ride.
  • Strangely, they don't go for the best looking bike - they go for the one that looks like it will be the most comfortable for them.
  • Whenever I take a couple of girls out in a sidecar on a Hens Night ride, they want to wave at everyone. Its the attention thing.
One the other side of the coin, men differ. They are more interested in the size of the bike - its engine and the technical aspects, performance etc.

In the end, men and women are very different.

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