Monday, April 30, 2007

Conference Surprise

Things we sometimes do may surprise many people. One request is to ride a H-D into a Conference, with the Master of Ceremonies seated on the back. The idea is to create an atmoshere of excetiment.

Last Saturday morning John was called for yet another Grand Entrace activity. But, this time there was a twist - John would not be riding the bike. This time the rider was TV personality Larry Emdur.

John tells Larry, "Give it heaps."

The venue for the activity was the Langham Hotel in Melbourne.

We had to get the Harley in early (6.30am), because both Larry and the bike were planned as a surprise and both had to be kept out of sight.

As it turns out Larry owns his own H-D and subsequently he and John were able to share experiences as they sat out of sight as the conference attendies filed in for the breakfast session.

As a general rule, John rarely allows anyone to ride his bike, but this time he quite happily made an exception.

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