Monday, January 29, 2007

In Heaven on The Great Ocean Road

One of the great pleasures/rewards about taking people for a Harley Ride is going down the Great Ocean Road. That was exactly what I did yesterday.
The Great Ocean Road is a motorcycle riders's heaven. Its where one can become engrossed in the real joy of riding a motorcycle along a challenging stretch of road that twists and turns. At one moment you are at sea level, the next you are 60 metres up above the oceans riding along the edge of a cliff.
Yep, that was me yesterday - my passenger on the back taking in the majestic panoramic views while I (at 110% concentration) charged along this fantastic stretch of road.
But, don't get me wrong - I wasn't going at breakneck speed. Actually, that's not the way to enjoy the Great Ocean Road. In fact you can't actually ride it at much above the speed limit, because the road doesn't let you.
Here is what its like. As we head into a bend you hear the engine howl as the brakes are applied and I go down a few gears. Then its off the brakes as we smoothly negotiate the bend and as we see a clear line out of the corner and the bike begins to straighten up the bike accelerate as the throttle is applied and the next corner races up towards us. You can now hear the scream of the "Harley sound", music to ones ears. Again the engine begins to howl as I brake and change down a few gears, getting the corner set up just right. Then its through the bend and off to the next - and so on for what seems like forever. Heaven - I love the Great Ocean Road.
What does it look like? Here are some images I took recently:

Here is a Youtube clip of the 45 minute trip from Lorne to Apollo bay compressed into less than 10 mins. No, we don't ride this fast, but this is the closest we can bring you to what it really feels like.

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sounds wonderful. thanks for sharing!