Saturday, October 28, 2006

Get Noticed?

One of my other passions, when not taking people for a Harley Ride is in the area of Motorcycle Safety and related issues. This video came to my attention yesterday and I encourage everyone to have a look at it. You can view it at:

Its always a pleasure to share ones's love of motorcycles with others - especially when they are in the planning stages decidinh how to get started and which bike they should get. I had just that experience yesterday. A woman booked a 3 hour Dandenong Ranges Tour for her husbands birthday and it just so happens that, after a 20 year break, he is planning to go out and purchase a H-D as soon as he can.

Its surprising just how much you can talk to each other during a Harley Ride. I was able to give him lots of hints and tips. The important thing is to get them focussed. That is why their freinds book a Harley Ride . Got a wife who won't ket you get one? Give them just one hour with me and they will come back "demanding that you get one." Trust me, I have seen it happen all too often.

The other factor that I always stress is motorcycle safety. Its not the motorcycle which is dangerous - its what's between the ears of the person riding the motorcycle which is really dangerous. Fortunately, there is a lot of good information about for "learners" and "return to riding motorcyclists".

The best source of information can be found at . I was involved in some of the content of this site. Have a look at the Riders Hints and Tips - I have two articles published.

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